Companies plan ‘revolutionary’ ethanol venture in US

Kansas, US (Flickr/Roy Montgomery)
Kansas, US (Flickr/Roy Montgomery)

The companies ICM and The Andersons are planning to build a combined heat and power plant in Colwich, Kansas and intend the facility to be ‘the most advanced ethanol plant in the world’.

The venture, dubbed ELEMENT is meant to see the construction of a plant capable of offsetting over 70% of natural gas requirements and up to 80% of electricity demand. ELEMENT will use ICM’s ‘Advanced Gasification Technology’, using waste wood as feedstock to achieve these targets. The company will also supply a number of other technologies to the project.

ELEMENT plans for the facility to reach ethanol yields exceeding 3.10 gallons per bushel and will mostly sell the fuel in California under the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. The company says that this will ‘position [it] to participate in other emerging low-carbon markets.’

Preparation of the plant site began in 2016. Construction and manufacturing are planned for early 2018, with phase one start up expected in 2019 and full operation by the end of the year.

The technology for the facility will be primarily supplied by ICM and The Andersons will provide merchandising, risk management and logistics. The companies said in a press release that the project will result in “the production of the highest yielding, most profitable, and lowest carbon ethanol gallon in the United States ethanol industry today.”

“This investment executes on several of our stated strategic priorities, such as operating highly efficient and profitable ethanol production facilities, increasing capacity under management, developing new technologies with higher value co-products and expanding our fee based services offering.” said Pat Bowe, CEO of The Andersons.

See the full press release here.

Kansas, US (Flickr/Roy Montgomery)