Agrisoma and Nuseed in discussion over carinata seed distribution

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Agrisoma Biosciences and Nuseed are in discussions over a distribution agreement for carinata seed, a biofuel feedstock that seems to be taking on an increasingly important role in the industry.

A non-food grade mustard seed, carinata is believed to be well suited to being grown in Australia. It’s also playing a key role in developing a sustainable aviation industry. Earlier this year, Qantas completed the first biojet fuelled trans-Pacific flight using biofuel produced by Agrisoma from carinata. The Canadian company has a unique ‘farm-to-flight’ deal with the Australian airline.

The discussions between Agrisoma and Nuseed, a company that develops unique canola, sorghum and sunflower plant traits for high yields, and novel oils and proteins with specific consumer benefits, build on these developments.

“Carinata is grown and harvested much like canola. With Nuseed we have a seed distribution partner with agronomic knowledge, connection and commitment to Australian growers, plus expertise in production from grower to processor,” explained Agrisoma CEO Steve Fabijanski. 

“Nuseed is the canola leader and an ideal distribution partner in Australia, they also have a global presence in other key regions.”

According to a statement, the Agrisoma carinata distribution letter of intent compliments Nuseed’s own research and development programmes for their three crops.

“Plant traits have amazing potential to address many critical issues like improved nutrition, sustainability, and energy,” said Nuseed’s Global Business Leader Brent Javra.

“We are working globally to realise this potential through strategic partnerships and our own canola, sorghum and sunflower R&D programmes.”