UPM and ZERO collaborate to promote transport and petrochemical ‘green shift’

UPM Biofuels and the Zero Emission Resource Organisation have entered a collaboration to promote a ‘green shift’ in the transport and petrochemicals sectors. They aim to create a predictable, long term operating environment for sustainable, advanced biofuels.

The cooperation also aims to enhance knowledge of sustainable fossil-free bioproducts, such as bioplastics, as an important climate solution. The work is conducted through dialogue with policy officials and decision makers to promote the transition towards a wider bioeconomy.

 "ZERO is a Norwegian environmental organisation that focuses on greenhouse gas reduction through promotion of new technologies enabling emission-free energy solutions without harming the environment. ZERO and UPM Biofuels share the same vision and therefore we see great value in this cooperation," says Kåre Gunnar Fløystad from ZERO.

UPM and ZERO support advanced biofuels and sustainable bioproducts, which compared to fossil fuels and products reduce greenhouse gas emissions during their lifecycle from raw material to end product. 

"The cooperation with ZERO is a great opportunity to jointly promote sustainable low-emission solutions for the transport and petrochemical sectors, and support the transition towards both circular and bioeconomy. says Maiju Helin, head of Sustainability and Market Development at UPM Biofuels.