Feature video of the month:

Best Day of My Life

Shell just released "Best Day of My Life," a catchy, colourful music video featuring Jennifer Hudson, Luan Santana, Pixie Lott, Yemi Alade, #TanWeiWei and Steve Aoki. This is part of its ongoing "#makethefuture" campaign, so seven energy innovations also appear.

The stars perform in individual pockets of hives, highlighting the innovations while demonstrating how they interconnect for a more sustainable future. The hives - systems that work apart, but are best used together - include Capture Mobility, a project where windmills alongside busy roads can harvest the air movement of passing traffic and solar energy; Bio-Bean, which recycles coffee grounds into advanced biofuels and biochemicals; Insolar, a Brazilian solar energy startup; Shell Eco-Marathon, an engineering challenge to design energy-efficient vehicles; MotionECO, which could transform used cooking oil into biofuel; smart flooring solution Pavegen; GravityLight, which uses gravity to generate off-grid electricity.

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