November 26, 2015
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to increase requirements for biofuels use through 2016 due to higher total fuel demand, when it publishes a final Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) rule in the coming days, sources say. The environmental regulator is expected to announce requirements on its plan for the programme, on or by Monday, 30 November, when... [Read More]

November 25, 2015
Ensyn, a producer of cellulosic liquid biofuels from wood residues and other non-food biomass, has been granted regulatory approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its renewable petrol product. The approval, in accordance with Title 40 CFR Part 79 of the Clean Air Act, is required for Ensyn’s RFGasoline to be sold in the US. The endorsement... [Read More]

November 24, 2015
A research team from National Taiwan University have formulated a synthetic nanoparticle that is able to extract oil from algae and turn it into biodiesel. The team, led by NTU chemistry professor Wu Chia-wen, synthesised a magnetic nanoparticle for harvesting microalgae, extracting algae oil, and converting the oil’s fatty acids into a methyl ester, which is used... [Read More]

November 23, 2015
The government of Japan has launched a project in the Philippines to produce biodiesel from used cooking oil. The project, located in Davao City, aims to collect used cooking oil (UCO) from households and businesses for use in biodiesel production. The Davao project marks the first time this particular technology is used outside of Japan, and the Japanese government... [Read More]

November 23, 2015
Ag Processing, a Nebraska, US-based soyabean processor, is set to expand its biodiesel plant near Sioux City. The £38 million (€35.7m) expansion to Ag Processing’s (AP) Port Neal plant, which was the first commercial-scale biodiesel plant in the US in 1996, will almost double its production. At the moment the facility is capable of producing up 30 million... [Read More]

November 20, 2015
Bangladeshi Minister of Agriculture Matia Chowdhury has criticised large multinational corporations for promoting biofuels. The minister spoke at a keynote on the 40th anniversary of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in Washington, D.C., US. Chowdhury pointed out that diverting more land to be used for maize cultivation results in a reduced soyabean... [Read More]

November 20, 2015
Deinove, a French biotech company developing processes for producing biofuels and bio-based chemicals from non-food biomass with its Deinococcus bacteria, has produced 2G ethanol with an exceptional performance level in a 300l fermenter. The trials were conducted at  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Deinove's long-term partner, which has the necessary... [Read More]

November 19, 2015
A committee of the Parliament of Queensland has decided not to suggest increasing the Australian state’s biofuel mandate. The committee chose not to recommend increasing the mandate despite admitting that the current 2% blending level is ‘unlikely’ to drive industry growth. AgForce, a lobbying organisation for Queensland agriculture, and a Member of... [Read More]

November 19, 2015
Propel Fuels, a California-based fuel retailer, reports that Southern Califonia consumption of renewable diesel has increased three-fold. Propel Fuels launched Diesel HPR (High Performance Renewable) across Southern California in August 2015, and consumer adoption of the fuel has risen 300% compared to its former biodiesel product (B20). Propel's Diesel... [Read More]

November 18, 2015
Hero BX, a US biodiesel producer, has acquired the assets of the former Veros Energy biodiesel refinery in Moundville, Alabama. The plant will operate under the name Hero BX Alabama. ‘We are excited to be expanding into Alabama. The preliminary renewable fuel standard (RFS) volumes are growing and as they do, the Moundville facilities will too,’ says Hero... [Read More]

November 17, 2015
Nearly 100 biodiesel leaders from across the US are pressing lawmakers on Capitol Hill to reinstate the biodiesel tax incentive. The $1-per-gallon incentive expired on 31 December, 2014, marking the fourth time in six years the US Congress has allowed it to lapse. The continued uncertainty surrounding the incentive has severely stymied investment and growth in the industry,... [Read More]

November 17, 2015
Construction of a long-awaited Pentland Bio-Energy bioethanol plant in northeastern Australia could finally be set to begin. The plant project, to be located on a 66,152 hectare plot in Pentland, Queensland, has been in development since 2004 but now it could at long last see building begin in June 2016. With commissioning scheduled for June 2018, planned production... [Read More]

November 17, 2015
HSBC has pledged to commit $1 billion (€937m) to a green bond portfolio which will invest in high quality liquid assets in the form of green, social, or sustainability bonds. These bonds will be aligned with the Green Bond Principles and will be used to fund projects in sectors such as clean transportation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate change... [Read More]

November 16, 2015
Joule, a liquid fuels from recycled CO2 solutions provider, and Red Rock Biofuels, a developer of renewable jet and diesel fuel biorefineries, intend to merge. The transaction is expected to close during the in the next month. Red Rock Biofuels uses Fischer-Tropsch technology to convert forest and sawmill biomass residues into jet fuel and diesel products. The company... [Read More]

November 13, 2015
The Brazilian special committee on national development has approved a senate bill outlining the plan to increase the biodiesel blend in the nation’s fuel supply. The new bill mandates that 7% of biodiesel be blended into diesel fuel, and the amount is set to rise to 10% within three years. Calls have been made to further increase the blend to 15% if tests with... [Read More]