Fuels Institute report estimates E85 sales increase

The Fuels Institute, an expert non-profit organisation, has released a study that estimates a large increase in E85 sales over the next nine years.

E85 sales will at least double by 2023, the report states. How much these sales will rise depends on specific market circumstances, but the report predicts E85 sales could grow by 20 times over this period.

The Fuels Institute reveals that the report, named 'E85: A Market Performance and Analysis Forecast,' was proposed to analyse the performance of E85 in the market and potential for its expansion.

Following researchers' evaluation of over 300 E85-selling stores, the report expects sales will increase from 196 million gallons in 2013 to between 400 million and 4.4 billion gallons by 2023.

At present, between 2,685 and 3,349 retail fuel stations in the US sell E85, but this is expected to increase to between 8,907 to 11,151 stations by 2023.