Vietnamese PM wants to boost E5 and E10 biofuels

The Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung prompts the country’s relevant agencies to undertake measures to boost the production and consumption of E5 and E10 ethanol-blended petrol.

The Southeast Asian country has had an implementation plan in effect since 2012 to promote environmental protection and national energy security, but progress has been slow as consumers have not been adequately informed about biofuels.

Local authorities and petrol businesses have been less than enthusiastic to promote ethanol blend consumption, which has resulted in few stations carrying the product.

The PM’s programme intends to clarify the benefits of biofuels to consumers and assure them of the fuels’ high quality, while having the Ministry of Finance study and issue a preferential mechanism in taxes to biofuels and reduce E5 and E10 petrol prices.

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