USGC plans to look for opportunities for US ethanol exports in Africa

The US Grains Council (USGC) has announced that it is looking to identify new market opportunities for US ethanol to be exported to Africa, which it says represents a significant potential source of demand.    

According to the export-orientated trade body, efforts include promoting the development of ethanol supportive policies across the region. Brian Healy, USGC manager of ethanol export market development, recently visited Kenya and attended an ethanol and sugar conference there in a bid to extend the US industry's spread to new markets.

He said: “Kenya, which has had an ethanol mandate since 2010, is currently not blending ethanol into their fuel due to infrastructure constraints related to refining and blending as well as limited expansion in feedstock production. However, opportunities for US ethanol do exist in this and other African markets.” 

The USGC is working to identify new market opportunities for US ethanol in Africa, including promoting the development of pro-ethanol policies throughout the region and providing production and market information on the value of US ethanol. 

While many African countries have opportunities to expand their own domestic feedstock production, US ethanol is already making its way to these markets via the Persian Gulf, where greater refining capacity exists, according to the USGC.

 According to a USGC-commissioned study, US ethanol exports to the United Arab Emirates are being blended into gasoline and shipped to East African markets. 

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