Gevo’s isobutanol secures EPA Registration

The privately held renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels company Gevo’s isobutanol has successfully cleared registration with the U.S. EPA as a fuel additive.

Gevo’s isobutanol is the first isobutanol to be listed in the EPA’s Fuel Registration Directory and is now approved for blending with petrol.

‘We’ve taken another important step in commercialising our product in the near-term,’ said Gevo’s CEO Patrick Gruber. ‘Along with the chemicals market, selling isobutanol as a low Reid Vapour Pressure (RVP) biofuel blendstock is one of our most important opportunities.’

Gevo’s isobutanol can be used directly as a blendstock in petrol and jet fuel, as a specialty chemical and through conversion into plastics, fibres, rubber and other polymers.

The company is soon expected to begin the retrofit of its 22 million gallon-a-year Luverne, Minnesota ethanol plant to produce 18 million gallons a year of isobutanol. And over the next few years Gevo plans to expand its production capacity of isobutanol via the retrofit of additional ethanol plants.

In the future the firm is looking to manufacture cellulosic isobutanol when the biomass conversion technology is commercially available.

Source: Gevo

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