Record high greenhouse gas reduction in 2017

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According to new data, European renewable ethanol association (ePURE) members produced 5.84 billion litres of ethanol and 5.71 million tonnes of beneficial co-products in 2017. This record high greenhouse gas reduction, compared to petrol is being attributed to major production of animal feed.   

There has been an average of more than 70% greenhouse gas savings compared to petrol in 2017, with some 81% of total ethanol output being used for fuel. The remaining 9% of ethanol produced was for food and beverages and the other 10% has been attributed to industrial use.

The majority of feedstock used to produce the renewable ethanol by ePURE members was all grown in Europe; these include cereals, sugars, wastes and residues.

The ethanol refineries used by ePURE members also produced 5.71 million tonnes of co-products, including 4.32 million tonnes of animal feed and 0.77 million tonnes of captured CO2. Emmanuel Desplechin, Secretary General of e-PURE, said that, “every year, ethanol improves its greenhouse gas reduction score, reaching more than 70% on average in 2017 compared to fossil fuel.”

Desplechin continued, “Last year’s renewable energy directive confirmed European ethanol’s status as a good biofuel, one that will be vital to achieving European climate and energy goals.”