Volume 9, Issue 1
Published: January 2, 2015
Some industry participants, tired of inconclusive debates such as the ILUC and stretched to keep up with a patchwork of evolving regulatory developments, were resigned to the notion that biofuels may never... [Read more]
A newly-released study, published by Ecofys, an energy and climate control consultancy, reveals evidence of the European Commission’s (EC) inability to appreciate the potential reduction in greenhouse... [Read more]
Biofuels International wishes you a happy New Year for 2015 and provides a collection of insights from global biofuels operators... [Read more]
In September 2014, Brazil opened its doors to the Southern Hemisphere’s first commercial-scale plant for the production of cellulosic ethanol in the state of Alagoas, Brazil. GranBio’s Bioflex... [Read more]
Over the last few years, the balance between nonrenewable and renewable fuels in Brazil has experienced a great deal of noticeable instability. Unica reports that in 2011, renewable fuels made up 44.1%... [Read more]
In the US, New York Harbor ethanol prices have plunged more than 60% from highs above $4 per gallon (€3.2 per gallon) in March this year to below $1.60/gallon in early October, greatly outpacing the... [Read more]
US biodiesel values in the spot physical market were set to drop back more than the 14% already lost during Q4 through 10 December, pressured by the long liquidation selloff of global and domestic crude... [Read more]
As the number of commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plants in the world is a very short list, Poet and DSM had to combine their individual strengths to design and build a facility that incorporated all... [Read more]
Today, biofuels are in a critical situation as there is a lack of clarity regarding mandatory cooperation and taxation issues. Biodiesel is in a particularly precarious position and ethanol is only marginally... [Read more]
The international biofuels market has been in an almost constant state of flux since mandates were increased nearly ten years ago. Recently governments on either side of the Atlantic have focused their... [Read more]
Fermentation is a biological process; it is essentially the heartbeat of your system. The yeast are alive and trying to produce alcohol under sometimes very trying conditions. The more you can help the... [Read more]
There is increasing interest in finding alternative solutions to antibiotic use in a wide range of industries, including biofuels. Ensuring the effectiveness of antibiotics is fundamental to protecting... [Read more]
Nitrogen plays a critical role in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast) physiology and fermentation. On an elemental basis, nitrogen comprises approximately 10% dry weight (DW) of the total mass of the yeast... [Read more]
A combination of brisk economic expansion and population growth is fuelling a rapid increase in energy demand in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC; Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait,... [Read more]