Volume 7, Issue 5
Published: August 22, 2013
With member states split on the issue, a draft proposal affecting first generation biofuels is due to be voted on this autumn   The European Parliament Environment Committee has approved draft legislation... [Read more]
Armed with an expanding mandate for its product, US biodiesel producers headed out of summer on surer footing for a still nascent but growing industry that has been pummeled at times over the past several... [Read more]
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has divulged its final ruling on percentage standards for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) programme. It requires 16.5 billion gallons of renewable fuels to... [Read more]
Brazilian ethanol is a well-known success story, but what are it and other countries’ current situations in South America?   South America is the fourth largest continent with the fifth largest... [Read more]
Brazilian ethanol is not the only biofuel in South America as biodiesel is set to grow throughout the continent   Brazil is a rapidly developing country and represents the B in BRIC, the acronym global... [Read more]
The annual European Biofuels Barometer from EurObserv’er has been published – here is the crux of its findings   Despite the uncertain lay of the political land, the most recent biofuels... [Read more]
Energy Tobacco Solaris in the bio-jet fuel industry: integrated value chain approach   Aviation, a global industry and one of the strongest growing transportation sectors, faces problems and challenges... [Read more]
Here is a taster of the advice provided by the Renewable Fuels Association as it travels the US highlighting ethanol safety procedures   Being fully prepared for an ethanol related incident requires... [Read more]
With so much talk about European proposals limiting foodbased biofuels to 5.5%, the race is on to secure sustainable alternative processes to produce advanced biofuels. Hydro-treated vegetable oil (HVO)... [Read more]
Atlantec BioEnergy’s refinery is producing ethanol from locally grown energy beets in Canada – but how?   Atlantec BioEnergy is entering the final stages in the construction of a 300,000... [Read more]
Feedstock pretreatment for second generation biofuels, although a costly and diverse world, is becoming more important. What is the current lay of the land?   The commercial production of second generation... [Read more]
Can a new technology be an alternative to biodiesel distillation when meeting more stringent quality standards?   One of the challenges of the widespread use of biodiesel blends is producing a fuel... [Read more]
It is believed biofuel blends will become more prominent in New Zealand moving forward, so how have viability tests been progressing?   Recent developments in the biofuel industry indicate that biofuel... [Read more]
What approaches are being taken for laboratory, field and mobile characterisation of biofuels currently?   Consumer concern regarding dependence on fossil fuels and the impact their consumption has... [Read more]
Energy security and climate concerns have led to increased attention towards discovery and production of alternative energy sources. Biofuels can serve to provide a green solution to our energy problems,... [Read more]
A research project involving European and South American partners shows the importance of near-infrared in the second generation biofuels sector   Biofuels look set to play an increasing role in the... [Read more]
India is among the leading producers of vegetable fatty acids, something that makes biodiesel production a good opportunity for the country. Biofuel development in India first received momentum by the... [Read more]
What support can be found within transportation biofuels production and how can it be earned?   Road transport represented 76% of total transportation fuel requirements globally in 2010. Aviation... [Read more]
Risk is something any business, particularly those involved with biofuels, contends with every day – how can its impact be minimised?   How comfortable are we all with understanding, monitoring... [Read more]
Moving liquid from feedstock to delivery truck can throw curve balls at any time, but are you confident your current pumps would not be an issue?   Biodiesel refineries convert renewable raw materials... [Read more]
There seems to be conflicting views on the use of land for crop growing in Africa, but one organisation believes fuel and food could thrive across the continent   Talk to just about anyone on the... [Read more]