Volume 5, Issue 8
Published: October 3, 2011
The Dutch ProductBoard for Margarine,Fats and Oils (MVO)has written a letter to the country’s foreign minister, Uri Rosenthal, asking the government to speed up its ban on the EU import duty tax... [Read more]
It is fair to say that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is one of the centerpieces of the European integration process. Initially intended to secure food supply for the European citizen in sufficient... [Read more]
Ethanol has always been a political fuel, and like a politician it has friends and enemies. Friends have included the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the National Corn... [Read more]
There are many ways to convert biomass into cellulosic ethanol. The process Denmark-based Inbicon pioneered is simple and straightforward. Steam-cook a feedstock like corn stalks or wheat straw, mix with... [Read more]