Volume 4, Issue 6
Published: July 15, 2010
Since the start of the year there has been a structural shift in the dynamics of the global ethanol market. Brazil has temporarily withdrawn from the export market, while the US, which as recently as 2006... [Read more]
At the BioTechnology Industry Association’s (BIO) annual conference the wizards and warriors of the big pharmaceutical, petrochemical, defence and agricultural industries converged to bring a new alchemy... [Read more]
The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico highlights the US’ urgent need for alternative energy sources to fossil fuels. The biomass industry started as an idea in California in the late 1970s: how can we put... [Read more]
When Green Circle Bio Energy’s pellet plant was built back in 2008 it was known as the world’s largest. Producing 560,000 tonnes a year the plant’s output is twice as much as the second largest currently... [Read more]
Burning coal for the production of electricity constitutes around 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, 91% of which would be eliminated if coal were fully replaced by wood pellets. According... [Read more]
Size reduction is often a first step in processing biomass and is by no means a new concept, but innovative technology can help cut costs and reduce the energy needed to run the machinery. The engineering... [Read more]
Biomass may not be dried with a towel but the equipment used has the same effect. Water is heavy to transport, does not burn, hinders the burning of other components in the biomass and interferes with... [Read more]
Until recently Egypt has shown very little interest in biofuels. The country has traditionally had an abundance of oil and gas wells and concerns surrounding increased food prices have further constrained... [Read more]
Africa has abundant arable land and labour which, with sound policies, could be translated into increased biofuel production, incomes and food security. But it is these policies that have yet to materialise.... [Read more]
Camelina, a member of the mustard family, produces an oil that shows so much promise as an aviation biofuel that 14 major airlines have an agreement with a Seattle-based company to buy up to 750 million... [Read more]
New technology often enjoys a honeymoon period before deeper examination of the underlying issues reveals the considerable challenges still to be overcome. But whatever reservations there are about today’s... [Read more]
Over recent months a few pipeline operators have moved from testing to regular shipment for biodiesel and bioethanol. Tulsa-based pipeline operator Magellan Midstream Partners has teamed up with Poet,... [Read more]