Volume 2, Issue 6
Published: January 21, 2009
Even though the rather technical fuel quality directive (FQD) has taken a back seat in recent months, overshadowed by the much politicised Renewable Energy Directive, it is nevertheless a crucial piece... [Read more]
The most talked-about change in the last few weeks has been the European Parliament’s decision to approve the Renewable Energy Directive in mid-December. The industry welcomes this decision, and unsurprisingly... [Read more]
‘Integration is the key to our success,’ says Chalasani Bhaskar, CEO of India’s first and only up and running biodiesel producer Naturol Bioenergy. The company currently produces 30 million gallons... [Read more]
As the world’s biggest democracy, with a population of 1.1 billion people, a complex system of federal and state government, massive levels of inequality and burgeoning economic growth, few things are... [Read more]
Biofuel production and consumption in Asia is expected to grow at an accelerating rate in the next few years as government regulations in many countries come into effect requiring the use of biofuels for... [Read more]
Based on the findings from the recent study Algae 2020, there are three key challenges facing commercial and aviation industries in the next few years. The first comes from petroleum-based jet fuel also... [Read more]
The EU has set ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions by 2020, and one of the key ways of doing this is to use biomass for power generation, rather than fossil fuels. But biomass is typically... [Read more]
Corn was trading at almost $8 (€5.7) / bushel of corn on 27 June, and has now fallen all the way back down to slightly higher than $3/bushel, as of 12 December. On the way up, ethanol producers were... [Read more]
Biofuel R&D has never been more important given concerns about greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of oil dependency and the urgent need for energy self-sufficiency and security of supply. The drive to... [Read more]
As the demand for biofuels increases, so does the need for dedicated storage and blending facilities at terminals. Leading Italian storage provider Decal is one which is putting a special emphasis on expanding... [Read more]
Petrochemical terminals began storing biofuels less than a decade ago but are now increasingly dedicating more space to renewable fuels as demand grows. However the biofuels market is not as stable and... [Read more]
In these tough economic times, tank farm owners and operators will be reviewing all areas to identify more cost-effective and benefi cial ways in which they can extend the operational lifetime of their... [Read more]