Volume 2, Issue 4
Published: September 1, 2008
Until a comprehensive target is introduced across Europe, each country can choose its own system to encourage biofuels use - some of which are better than others Under the current EU biofuels directive... [Read more]
We talk to little-known 3B Biofuels, whose plant is set to become one of Europe's largest World commodity markets remain volatile and unpredictable, financial and investment markets are currently... [Read more]
Although 2008 has not been an easy year for producers, many are overcoming the difficulties to bring plants back online, and continue expansion plans There's a natural life cycle for new technologies,... [Read more]
Market conditions in Europe have been anything but encouraging over the past year or so. Many plants are not getting past the planning stages, while others are being scaled down, crippled by rising feedstock... [Read more]
Producers must adapt to constantly changing market situations in order to survive Five years ago, a biofuels revolution was born in Europe from ambitious environmental, energy security and national... [Read more]