Volume 11, Issue 2
Published: March 8, 2017
When using environmentally friendly biofuels,the development of new, sustainable technologies is more important these days than ever. Political demand for biofuel technologies with high greenhouse gas-saving... [Read more]
Soy-methyl ester 100% biodiesel physicalspot prices were under pressure at key trading hubs in the US midway through the first quarter in very limited trade as the loss of a $1 gallon blending credit and... [Read more]
REDcert was founded on 26 February, 2010, by leading associations and organisations in the German agricultural and biofuel sector and approved as a certification system on 20 July, 2010, by the Federa... [Read more]
Setting legal sustainability requirements for biofuels and bioliquids has been a pioneering undertaking by European Parliament and Council. The Renewable EnergyDirective (RED) and Fuel Quality Directive... [Read more]
Biofuels specialists in Europe are concerned that the 2020s will become a lost decade for climate and environmental protection in relation to the transport sector with some major opportunities to develop... [Read more]
Throughout Europe,countries are taking different approaches toward their carbon neutrality goals. But they all have one thing in common – they are each taking meaningful steps toward decarbonising... [Read more]
According to the Ellen MacArthurFoundation, the circular economyis “one that is restorativeand regenerative by design,and which aims to keep products, components andmaterials at their highest utility... [Read more]
Maritime transport is looking for new ways to reduce carbon dioxide and sulphur emissions. At the beginning of 2017, the Marine Environment ProtectionCommittee of the International Maritime Organization... [Read more]
In developing new and existing fermentation processes, there are many unknowns that need to be characterised to deliver the right solution to the full-scale design. Production capacity, recycle stream... [Read more]
As margins between product value and inputs costs continue to put pressure on producers of fuel ethanol facilities to operate more efficiently, particularly as blend requirements fluctuate seasonally,... [Read more]
With the biofuel industry slammed by low oil prices and low natural gas costs, innovators continue to seek methods to expand the biomass base and value-added products.Advances in fermentationare key to... [Read more]
The future of the EU biofuels markets is at across roads, yet again. In late 2016, the European Commission (EC) proposed a comprehensive revision of the Renewable Energy Directive(RED), containing the... [Read more]
Dutch tank storage company Royal Vopak has announced that it will expand its Texas-based terminal. Vopak’s Terminal Deer Park will now add 868,000 barrels of new capacity to its current 7,013,787... [Read more]
The availability of advanced digital technologies, such as big data, analytics,cloud and connected devices, is driving new opportunities to integrate storage terminal operations. Research conducted by... [Read more]
Westway Terminals last year rebranded with a new name, new logo and new growth strategy. It is now called Contanda. As a leader in bulk liquid storage solutions for more than 60 years, Contanda continues... [Read more]
Vesta Terminals is an independent liquid bulk storage operator in Europe with a total of approximately 1.6 million cubic metres of petroleum products andbiofuels capacity at three terminals in Antwerp,... [Read more]
For owners of above ground process storage tanks, including both atmospheric and pressurised storage systems such as bullets and spheres, tank inspection programmes are normally based around EEMUA 157and/or... [Read more]
StocExpo Europe, the world’s leading international event for the tank terminal industry, returns to the Ahoy Rotterdam on 28-30 March, after a year in Antwerp. The three-day conference and exhibition... [Read more]
For an efficient quality management system, different tools should be taken into account. One of them, for example, is a certification according to ISO 9001 or a similar system. ISO 9001 includes the minimum... [Read more]
In March 2016, anannouncement was made regarding ENC Energy technology for oil extraction/recovery from waste fats, oils and grease (FOG). With the construction, commissioning and industrial operation... [Read more]
Often, it is presumed that lignin has numerous applications butl imited business opportunities. Once separated from cellulose, the bio-based polymer isregularly used for energy purposes by the pulp industry.... [Read more]