Volume 10, Issue 2
Published: February 26, 2016
Clariant, a Swissspeciality chemicals manufacturer,has invested ininnovative technology to promote cellulosic biofuels. Liz Gyekye caught up withthe company’s biofuels andderivatives head of... [Read more]
For decades, consumers around the world havedepended on fossilfuels such as gas and oil to meet their energy requirements. Although they are continually beingformed through natural processes, fossil fuels... [Read more]
From 2017, the European sugarmarket deregulates. Production quotas – themainstay sugar production– will be swept away, along with guaranteed prices. Along with that, Europe’s splendidisolation... [Read more]
Ten months after the European Parliament formally adopted the much-debated Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC) Directive, the policy is still dividing opinions acrossEurope. The main purpose of ILUC is to... [Read more]
The Indirect Land UseChange (ILUC) theory has been linked to biofuels over the last few years. It generally refers to the unintended consequence of releasing more carbon emissions due to land use changes... [Read more]
Responsibility is about values,commitments andactions. It is shown every day that innovative and responsible business canbe efficient and profitable,bringing quality of life andprosperity to stakeholders.... [Read more]
The development of an extensive hydrotreatedvegetableoil (HVO) feedstock production enterprise in Paraguay, funded by French, Dutch, and UK investors,reached a significant milestone in February with the... [Read more]
The US Congress passed in last December a tax extenders package to retroactively extend a blenders’ tax credit for biodiesel and a producers’credit for cellulosic biofuels from the beginning... [Read more]
China’s Ministry of Commerce (MoC)has launched anti-dumpingand countervailing duties investigations on US dried distillers grains with solubles(DDGS) imports. The move, announced mid-January,comes... [Read more]
Microalgae,single-celled photosynthetic organisms, have great potential as a renewablesource for a tremendousrange of commercial products,such as biofuels, foods and feed (human and animal),nutraceuticals... [Read more]
Many people haveheard of theexpression “where there is muck, thereis brass”. Yet, not many wouldhave heard the saying “where there is muck, there is oil”. The resource management... [Read more]
In December 2015 anannouncement was made regarding the planned construction of a 5 tonnes per day IH2 technology demonstration plant on thesite of Shell India Markets’new technology centrein Bangalore,... [Read more]
One part that seemsto slip past thefocus in fuel ethanol plant fermentation is how to make the process efficient and how to create a healthy, fast, and thorough fermentation. One of the most overlooked... [Read more]
Crimson Renewable Energy owns and operates a biodiesel production facility in Bakersfield, California, that is currently the largest producer of biodiesel within the statein terms of actual volumes shipped.... [Read more]
With new economic conditions,2016 apparently started as a challenging year. Yet this new environment does not alter the perspectives for bio-basedchemicals. Feedstocks are stil llow, advanced economies... [Read more]
We are currently in the third generation of biofuels production, where custom engineered micro-organisms are used to convert feedstock to fuel more efficiently and cost effectively. But with this new opportunity... [Read more]
The extensive use of biodiesel as a component in diese lfuel or bio-basedheating oil leads to increased requirements for storage and long-term stability. In a nine-month storage testabout the stability... [Read more]
In 2010, Minton, Treharne & Davies (MTD), a UK-based engineer consultancy,produced an article for the Carefully to Carry Advisory Committee of the UK P&I Club,in which it discussed issues relating... [Read more]
Platts publishes several fuel ethanol price benchmarks tailored to specific markets in the US, Brazil, Europe and Asia that are used by the industry to manage risk in this growing market and along the... [Read more]
The biofuels industry is full of risks. There are risks associated withhandling products andrisks connected with using and repairing equipment. Loadtec Engineered Systemswas set up almost 20 yearsago primarily... [Read more]
Whilst a wide range of sustainable solutions for our general energy demand are becoming increasingly available, there still exists the need for new and ever more efficient methods of providing sustainable... [Read more]