Volume 10, Issue 1
Published: December 23, 2015
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on 30 November released the final volume requirements for bioethanol under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) for the years... [Read more]
After two weeks of intense negotiations, the world seems to have come together. World leaders gathered in Paris for the 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations... [Read more]
The European ethanol market evaded the ongoing meltdown in the wider commodities markets into the fourth quarter of 2015 as tight supply fundamentals contrasted with... [Read more]
The prospect for greater biodiesel demand in the US continues to look healthy. The industry is lent support from mandated demand in New York City's large heating oil market... [Read more]
Market leaders from around the world reflect on 2015 and make their predictions for the year ahead.... [Read more]
Brazil is committed to achieving a massive growth in biofuels production over the next 15 years, a message which industry and government leaders delivered strongly before,... [Read more]
The common objective to fight climate change brought together 196 nations to the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) in early December 2015. In an exceptional exercise of international... [Read more]
Converting sugar-rich biomass such as sugarcane, sugar beet, and sweet sorghum to ethanol has been done for many years, but it has also been common knowledge that one of the major... [Read more]
The North American biofuels industry witnessed a lot of M&A activity last year as consolidation continued in the ethanol and biodiesel subsectors. Ocean Park Advisors,... [Read more]
Each segment of a new industry, like biofuels, starts with experimentation by many participants and then matures with consolidation, reducing the number of participants... [Read more]
Ethanol producers are faced with diverse and dynamic challenges, from shifting regulations to operational adjustments. Regulatory uncertainty in the US around the Renewable... [Read more]
Acetone-butanolethanol (ABE) fermentation is a metabolic process of clostridia, the microorganisms that utilise carbohydrates such as glucose to produce solvents. It... [Read more]
A greater variety of products in a tank farm inevitably results in more complex processes for handling incoming and outgoing goods and inventory accounting. If storage... [Read more]
We all want cleaner, greener biodiesel. Not just out of choice, but out of necessity. European legislation is geared towards increasing transport fuel derived from renewables,... [Read more]
A new generation of bio-based products are attempting to replace identical products manufactured from petroleum, but with renewable carbon and at a competitive cost.... [Read more]