Volume 1, Issue 1
Published: February 2, 2007
The EBB comments to the Commission consultation on the revision of the EU biofuels directive ... [Read more]
Developing an EU fuel ethanol industry: a strategic choice in four points. ... [Read more]
Dr. Marianne Osterkorn examines the many socio-economic benefits of biofuels and weighs them against their environmental impacts. ... [Read more]
Work carried out by ADAS on breeding rape with a low nitrogen requirement will significantly contribute to ensuring feedstocks with an advatageous GHG and energy balance are produced. ... [Read more]
Mike Spear explores the realms of biodiesel and bioethanol, from the ideas and days of Henry Ford through contemporary construction of biofuel plants around the globe. ... [Read more]
Planning construction projects for biofuels industry is a complex process. Key to this is beggining with an end in mind, in order to create a successful business plan, as Ian Walker explains. ... [Read more]
Zoe Grainge exmaines whether biofuels' new life as a competitor to fossil fuel means investment in this kind of technology will be essential in order to maximise biofuels' potential. ... [Read more]
biodiesel (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester - FAME) is recognised as a fuel that can be used in blends from as low as 2% in fossil diesel through to 100% biodiesel. Biodiesel use is growing internationally as Government... [Read more]
Are significant improvements in the quality of biodiesel and it's blends possible with the use of quality multifunctional diesel additives, antioxidants and cold flow additives, in areas of concern... [Read more]
Biofuels production: raw materials ... [Read more]