XFuel secures ISCC certification for its sustainable drop-in fuels plant

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XFuel, a producer of sustainable drop-in fuels and carbon removal, has been awarded International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) EU and ISCC Plus allowing it to produce low- and zero-carbon fuel according to strict sustainability criteria.
XFuels’ conversion technology produces sustainable drop-in fuels for the marine, aviation and road transport sectors.
The company has developed unique drop-in fuel technology which simultaneously produces biochar, a carbon removal product delivering additional carbon benefits via sequestration, on top of those unlocked by the production of sustainable fuels.
XFuel uses waste feedstocks from agriculture, forestry, construction and manufacturing, as well as waste oils and converts them into compliant low and zero carbon sustainable fuels, opening a door to vast untapped sources of energy.
Using waste feedstocks in this way contributes to a circular economy and prevents emissions that would occur if the feedstock was left to rot or be incinerated.
Dr Nicholas Ball, CEO, XFuel, said: “We want to change the way the alternative fuels market currently works, by lowering the cost of sustainable fuels and increasing circularity in production. XFuel is constantly innovating to deliver the best possible impact on emissions for the fuels we make and the feedstocks we process.
“As a sustainable fuel company providing low-carbon clean fuel to maritime, aviation and road transport, the ISCC certification for our plant operations in Spain is an essential part of being able to deliver on this goal for our customers.”

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