Vitol Bunkers takes delivery of first biofuel barge

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Vitol Bunkers has taken delivery of its first biofuel bunker barge, the Marine Future, at the port of Singapore - paving the way for the company to expand its footprint in the marine biofuels market in Asia.
The addition of this specialised IMO type 2 notation bunker tanker to the V-Bunkers fleet will uniquely make it possible to supply biofuel blends including B24, B30 and up to B100, depending on customer specifications.
Built in China, Marine Future is 102.6m in length and has the capacity to carry about 7,000 MT of biofuels.
The current fleet of bunker tankers in Singapore are classified as ‘oil tankers’ and are restricted to a maximum of 25% bio component in biofuel blends.
This new bunker tanker has no such restriction, hence can deliver bunker fuels consisting of 100% bio component (B100).
Biofuels are a key pathway for the hard-to-abate shipping sector to mitigate emissions. Biofuel sales in Singapore reached 520,000 tonnes in 2023 according to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), representing a material increase on the prior year where volumes were 140,000 tonnes.
“We are delighted to now be able to offer our maritime customers the option to take up to 100% bio component bunker fuel here in Singapore and play our part in advancing the port’s decarbonisation efforts. Should there be demand, this vessel can also be re-configured in future to supply methanol,” said Mike Muller, head of Vitol Asia.

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