Vertex’s first renewable diesel unit up and running

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Vertex Energy cut the ribbon on its first renewable diesel facility at the company's mobile refinery and the first renewable diesel facility in Alabama.
In 2022, Vertex undertook a bold initiative, acquiring a conventional fuels refinery from Shell, immediately launching a $115 million (€104 million) conversion project.
The primary aim of this project was to convert a standalone unit within the refinery to facilitate the production of renewable diesel, a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to petroleum diesel fuel.
The newly converted renewable diesel unit is specifically designed to produce renewable diesel fuel, which can be seamlessly integrated as a direct replacement for traditional petroleum diesel.
At present, soybean oil serves as the primary feedstock for the production process. However, the facility has been engineered to accommodate the use of other organic waste oils in the future.
Alabama's soybean farmers will play a crucial role in supplying the feedstock, along with other suppliers across the country. The collaboration between Vertex and these suppliers is expected to help strengthen the local agricultural sector and help foster a stable transition to renewable energy sources.
The commissioning of Vertex's renewable diesel unit marks a significant milestone in the company's ongoing journey toward providing sustainable energy solutions.
Vertex’s CEO Benjamin Cowart said: "We're not just cutting ribbons - we're cutting emissions. We're also carving a new path for this site, this city, and the Great State of Alabama.
“The opportunity to bring this kind of innovation to my hometown and the state of Alabama is incredibly meaningful. I believe this is just the beginning, as we progress on our commitment to a cleaner environment by creating a sustainable growth path for the energy transition."

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