Velocys agrees sales and purchase deal over Altalto Project

Velocys has announced that its subsidiary Altalto Immingham has sold its 100% interest in Rula Developments (RDIL) as planned.
Rula owns the site for the proposed Altalto waste-to-sustainable-fuel project, which is being developed in collaboration with British Airways.
Rula has been sold to funds managed by Foresight Group for £9.75 million (€11.7 million) with a call option for Altalto to re-purchase RDIL within three years.
The call option will require Altalto, and any new project partners, to pay up to £12.95 million (€15.55 million) in aggregate over the option period.
In addition, and subject to exercise of the Call Option, Altalto has agreed to grant Foresight a right of first refusal to invest up to £100 million (€120 million) in the project, alongside British Airways and other future investors, once the full funding is required.
Henrik Wareborn, CEO of Velocys, said: “Velocys is pleased to have Foresight involved in the Altalto project, alongside British Airways. This is a further step in bringing our SAF enabling technology solution to market.
“The Velocys technology pathway utilises domestic non-fossil feedstocks from sustainable carbon sources which have no alternative use, such as municipal solid waste and forestry residue.
“Sustainable aviation fuel has the same composition as conventional jet fuel, is globally approved and is suitable for immediate use. We firmly believe our technology will play a key role in helping to decarbonise the aviation sector, meet net zero targets, and improve the energy and fuel security of the UK.”
David Hughes, CIO of Foresight, said: “Foresight is delighted to become involved in the Altalto project through the acquisition of the proposed site. The Project is consistent with our aims of investing in sustainable businesses that are looking to advance the energy transition.”
Sean Doyle, chairman and CEO of British Airways, said: “It’s great to have Foresight with us to help deliver the Altalto project, as we make our way on our journey towards net zero by 2050. The development of sustainable aviation fuel is an important part of our near to medium-term plan to decarbonise, alongside carbon capture technology. We believe the UK can be a world leader in this, and it’s crucial we work with both private industry and Government to drive forward this ambitious and hugely important work.”

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