Vehicles hit the road with US biodiesel campaign

One of the advertising campaigns
One of the advertising campaigns
Newly branded vehicles highlighting biodiesel’s sustainability and emissions reduction benefits are rolling from the US capital to Texas and up the California coast and throughout the Midwest.
The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) announced that several biodiesel users from across the country received matching funds to share their biodiesel success stories with wraps, decals or other vehicle branding efforts.
“NBB’s annual vehicle branding programme is a great way to increase awareness of biodiesel’s benefits as these vehicles log thousands of miles throughout the country,” said Kaleb Little, NBB director of communications. “This year’s winners are featuring NBB’s new tagline, Better, Cleaner, Now which tells the biodiesel story simply. Biodiesel is better and cleaner than petroleum diesel - with proven environmental, health and economic benefits - and is ready to use now.”
The biodiesel users who received matching funds in 2020 included Ag Energy Transport. The company decaled 12 tanker trailers with NBB’s logo as well as those of fuel supplier W2 Fuels and customer HERO BX.
The Michigan-based company travels approximately 1 million miles per year throughout states from east of the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean.
D.C. Department of Public Works branded 22 refuse trucks while City of Fort Wayne, Indiana, stickered its fleet of more than 550 diesel vehicles and equipment.
G&D Integrated, a specialised provider of transportation and logistics services based in Morton, Illinois, and an inaugural member of the Illinois B20 Club, wrapped three van trailers.
City of Grand Forks, North Dakota, switched to B20 in Cities Area Transit (CAT) buses in the summer of 2020 and also took part in the advertising campaign.
One of the advertising campaigns