Used cooking oil converted into biodiesel in India

The Times of India, reports that managing director of Muenzer Bharat, Sanjay Shrivastaava said that it will start converting used oil into 100% water-based biodiesel.

According to The Times of India, Muenzer Bharat is a biodiesel manufacturing facility that has been set up under the ‘National Used Cooking Oil Collection Mission for India’. The biodiesel produced by the facility can be used for gensets or can be blended with diesel to make it environment-friendly.

The oils that will be converted at the new Mumbai facility will be collected daily from starred hotels and bulk sellers of vadapav and chips. The Times of India state that this is to try and prevent the re-entry of the used oil in the food chain as well as to stop it getting dumped into rivers and sewers.

An official at Muenzer Bharat told The Times of India, "We will stop disposal of used cooling oil in rivers or drainage system which choke due to the grease.”

They continued, “We will loan our customers containers that suit their needs for collecting used oil. Our logistics service will replace containers with clean, empty ones in negotiated regular intervals. The waste allows us to produce sustainable biodiesel for India.”



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