US lobby group files E15 blend petition

US ethanol lobby groups have combined to officially file a petition with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requesting the amount of ethanol that is blended into petrol be raised from 10% to 15%.

The March 6 filing was accompanied by hundreds of pages of research supporting the groups’ claims that no significant damage would be incurred by the nation’s vehicles if the increase were made.

Newly-formed lobby group Growth Energy conducted a press conference to discuss the EPA waiver filing and to present a report conducted by the group which it said demonstrates the economic benefits related to mid-level ethanol blends.

Co-chairman Wesley Clark reported that increasing the blend level to 15% would result in more than 136,000 new jobs and $24 billion (€18.6 billion) a year for the US economy.

‘Increasing the ethanol blend up to E15 is a common sense solution to our economic, energy and environmental challenges,’ Clark says.

In addition, the group stresses the necessity for the continued advancement of domestically-produced renewable fuels and said that an increase in blending limits for ethanol is vital in order to move the renewable fuels industry forward.

The group says it would accept the possibility of a more immediate agency approval for the use of E12 or E13 as a buffer before the increase to 15% ethanol.

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