US biodiesel production hits 160 million gallons in October

US production of biodiesel was 160 million gallons in October 2020, according to new figures from the US Energy Information Service.
Biodiesel production during October last year was 1 million gallons higher than production in September – the month before.
Biodiesel production from the Midwest region, the Petroleum Administration for Defence District 2, accounted for 71% of the US total.
Production came from 87 biodiesel plants with capacity of 2.5 billion gallons per year.
Producer sales of biodiesel during October last year included 74 million gallons sold as pure B100 (100% biodiesel) and an additional 82 million gallons sold as biodiesel blends, containing both pure biodiesel and petroleum diesel fuel.
There were a total of 1,170 million pounds of feedstocks used to produce biodiesel over the same period last year. Soybean oil remained the largest biodiesel feedstock during October with 723 million pounds consumed.

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