Ukraine oilseed exports increase despite conflict

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Exports of oilseeds grown in Ukraine increased despite the war that has been going on since February last year and the associated restrictions that have been imposed.
Ukraine maintained its global position as main producer of sunflower seed in the 2022/23 season.
Although the 12.2 million tonne harvest was 5.3 million tonnes smaller than that of the previous season, Ukraine remained the world's second most important producer after Russia and ahead of the EU.
At the same time, the share of commodity exports increased considerably in the year-on-year comparison.
Between September 2022 and May this year, most exports were destined for the EU (79%), because access to the world market was limited due to the fragile grain deal.
Despite the challenging conditions, around 2 million tonnes of sunflower seed were still exported, slightly more than in the previous season.
The Ukrainian APK-Inform analytical agency has estimated that soybean exports in 2022/23 amounted to around 3 million tonnes, which compares to 1.4 million tonnes the previous marketing year. Exports to the EU and Turkey multiplied.
Ukrainian rapeseed exports in the 2022/23 marketing year reached 3.4 to 3.6 million tonnes. This would be both a significant increase on the previous year's level of 2.7 million tonnes and a record volume.
The most important destination was the EU, receiving just less than 3 million tonnes, with rapeseed imports from Ukraine accounting for just under 41% of total imports.

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