Tower crane fleet switches from fossil fuel to HVO

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Marr Contracting has begun using renewable diesel (also known as HVO100) from Neste in their heavy lift luffing tower crane fleet in Australia.
The switch to Neste-produced 100% renewable diesel comes after significant consultation with Marr clients and leaders within Australia’s construction industry on the best solution for transitioning away from fossil fuels.
After investigating alternative power sources and taking the time to understand the issues associated with currently available options, Marr’s R&D team scoured the world for the best solution.
“We’ve looked at the alternatives and believe this is the most sustainable fuel currently available for the work that we are doing. That’s because it allows us to transition away from fossil diesel and maintain the speed, power and reliability of our cranes to drive productivity and cost-efficiencies on the projects we are working on – while at the same time helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals,” said Marr’s managing director, Simon Marr.
“Renewable diesel from Neste is a more sustainable alternative to fossil diesel, helping its users reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% when emissions over the fuel's life cycle are compared with fossil diesel.
“With renewable diesel from Neste, Marr will reduce its climate emissions significantly in an instant by just changing the fuel,'' says Peter Zonneveld, Vice President Sales, Europe and APAC, Renewable Road Transportation at Neste. “We are committed to supporting our customers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 million tons annually by 2030,” Peter Zonneveld continues.
Renewable diesel from Neste is produced from 100% renewable raw materials. Neste’s renewable diesel is a drop-in fuel, fully compatible with all diesel engines, not requiring any modifications to the existing vehicles or fuel distribution infrastructures.
Neste currently has a renewable products global production capacity of 3.3 million tons annually.

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