Total invests in Gevo

France-based oil and gas company Total has invested in US renewable hydrocarbons producer Gevo.

Gevo is commercialising technology to produce renewable jet fuel and renewable, fungible hydrocarbons such as petrol blendstocks, and renewable diesel blendstocks.

Gevo’s commercialisation approach includes retrofitting existing ethanol facilities to produce hydrocarbon products readily used in the refining and chemical industry.

By Q3 this year Gevo will bring a 1 million gallon per year semi-works plant in St. Joseph, Missouri, US, on line and start developing its customer base for the commercial facility scheduled to come on line in early 2011.

‘Our goal is to bring to market renewable alternatives for petroleum based hydrocarbons and chemical,’ Patrick Gruber, CEO of Gevo, says. ‘These products are identical to petroleum based products however they are produced on a cost effective and sustainable basis from renewable resources.’

To date Gevo has a syndicate of Khosla Ventures, Virgin Green Fund, Burrill & Company, and Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund pumping in funds.

In addition to fuels, Gevo’s technology enables the production of a wide variety of chemicals and plastics such as polyacrylates and PETE from renewable resources.

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