Topsoe aims for net-zero by 2040

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Topsoe has announced its commitment to reach net-zero emissions by 2040 - setting near-and long-term company-wide emission reduction targets.
Through investment in renewable energy technology and changes to production processes, Topsoe aims to reduce operational emissions by 30% in 2024 and at least 95% in 2030, with a transition to 80% renewable power within all the company’s operations by 2025.
By engaging with suppliers on their emission reduction progress and collaborating with customers and other business partners, Topsoe believes it can reach net-zero a decade ahead of the Paris targets.
Kim Grøn Knudsen, chief strategy and innovation officer, said: “Our vision is to become the global leader in carbon reduction technologies. Net-zero by 2050 as set out in the Paris Agreement can only be achieved through a joint effort between companies, countries, and citizens. But we need to focus on ourselves as much as on our customers.
“By moving first and demonstrating that an energy-intensive company such as Topsoe is ready to do what it takes to achieve these ambitious targets, we hope to inspire others in the industry to set bold targets to create a more sustainable future.”
Roeland Baan, CEO of Topsoe, said: “Our commitment to reaching net-zero in our entire value chain, builds on our aim to reduce our customers’ greenhouse gas emissions. We already deliver insights, technology, and solutions to the entire value chain for low-carbon emission fuels and chemicals, so we are uniquely positioned to help our customers and society in this battle against climate change. Our customers expect us to take a lead – and we are doing so.”
Earlier this year, Topsoe announced its ambitious target of reducing its customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by 12 million tonnes this year.

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