Swedavia purchases SAF to help power 9,000 flights

Swedavia is contributing to sustainable air travel by buying more sustainable aviation fuel.
The bio-aviation fuel corresponds to about 9,000 flights and will be refuelled at Stockholm Arlanda Airport from 22 September.
Swedavia has been buying bio-aviation fuel annually since 2016 corresponding to the need for its own business trips for one year.
The purpose is to support aviation's climate change in line with Swedavia's goal of at least 5% bio-aviation fuel being used at Swedish airports by 2025.
“Both Swedavia and the aviation industry have been strongly affected by the effects of the COVID pandemic. Despite the challenging situation we are now in, aviation's climate change must continue and be prioritised. Now is the time to show the seriousness of our climate ambitions and that we will achieve the goal of a fossil-free domestic flight in 2030 and all flights in 2045,” said Jonas Abrahamsson, Swedavia's President and CEO.
Increased demand for bio aviation fuel also contributes to the development of large-scale Swedish bio aviation fuel production.
“Swedavia welcomes the Government's proposal for a reduction obligation in the budget bill for next year. The reduction obligation is an important tool for accelerating the transport sector's climate change and can contribute to large-scale production of bio-aviation fuel that has the potential to become a new Swedish industrial flagship branch,” added Abrahamsson.

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