Sustainability takes centre stage in aviation

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Today’s aviation industry finds itself in a paradoxical position. On the one hand, it is a force for good, connecting people, places, economies, and cultures. It also plays a key role in shipping goods around the world (including vaccines during the recent global pandemic) and delivering humanitarian aid where and when it is needed most.
On the other hand, aviation is a significant contributor to climate change, accounting for 2-3% of global carbon emissions, a share that could increase to more than 20% by 2050 if drastic changes are not made.
Other, non-CO2 related effects of air travel (such as contrail cirrus caused by soot particles) make the total climate impact of the aviation sector as much as three times greater than that of carbon emissions alone.
The responsibility of industry leaders and stakeholders to deal with these challenges was a major theme at last year’s World Aviation Festival in Amsterdam, and three emerging realities were highlighted as we move forward.

The message of urgency has landed

Sustainability has been in the crosshairs of stakeholders in the aviation industry for a number of years...

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