Surviving the lockdown and defeating the virus

Severe restrictions have been in place
Severe restrictions have been in place
The challenge of compiling an overview of the current state of the European biofuels industry is as close to impossible as it gets at present, let alone delivering any degree of business accuracy to an analysis of the sector’s immediate future.
As Covid-19 continues to sweep the world, the everyday reality for business leaders and politicians alike is that each new morning brings something different, often rendering yesterday’s discussions and decisions relatively meaningless. “We had a detailed planning meeting little more than a week ago, which went really well, enabling us to plot a progressive course for the future,” one senior executive from a major European company told Biofuels International in late March.
“Looking back on that meeting now, just over seven days later, what we discussed and what we decided already seems ridiculous.”
In seeking to make sense of where we are and what the future holds for the sector, we asked Emmanuel Desplechin, secretary general of ePURE, for an update on how he sees the initial impact of Covid-19 and its impact to date on the European industry.
“In the midst of the massive unknowns we’re all...

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Severe restrictions have been in place