Sunflower seed harvest to reach record levels

There is a slight increase in this year
There is a slight increase in this year's harvest
The oilseed harvest in the EU-27 is likely to see a slight rise in 2020.
The main reason for this is the bumper crop of sunflower seed.
This year’s harvest in the union is set to be larger than the two previous years.
The EU Commission estimates output at 29 million tonnes. This would translate to a rise of just under 3% year-on-year. However, production would still fall about 4% short of the long-term average.
The increase in sunflower seed is especially large and the area has been expanded 2% and yields are estimated 6% higher year-on-year.
Farmer are expected to bring in a bumper crop of 10.8 million tonnes, which would be up 8% from the previous year.
In some EU countries, sunflower production benefited from favourable conditions at the time of sowing and changes in land use. Based on quantity, sunflower seed is the second most important oilseed crop in the EU-27.
Rapeseed accounts for the largest share of oilseed production in 2020, as it did in previous years. The EU Commission expects just a slight rise from the previous year to 15.4 million tonnes. A larger area sown is offset by slightly lower per hectare yields.
The soybean harvest is seen at 2.7 million tonnes, on a par with the previous year's level.
There is a slight increase in this year's harvest