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Tomsa Destil, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, has more than 170 years of experience providing engineering solutions worldwide for the alcohol industry (fuel, industrial and potable).
The company’s scope of supply includes the design, manufacture, installation, operation of equipment and processes for the extraction, fermentation, distillation and waste management of the alcohol market.
It is also involved in the development and commissioning of EPC projects up to more than 1,000,000 litres/ days of production.

Efficiency and innovation

Throughout its history, the Spanish company has managed to distribute its own technology all over the world.
With more than 700 successfully executed projects supplied in the last 30 years, it has provided effective solutions even in challenging locations like tropical areas, areas with high incidence of wind, areas with high seismicity, as well as in remote locations such as islands with a lack of human and material resources.
Looking back over the decades, Tomsa Destil pioneered the development and implementation of the vacuum distillation system (Multipressure system) for the alcohol industry in the 1970s.
It expanded into the international market, building distilleries on five continents for all types of raw materials, from sugars to starches, and all types of alcohols.
Today, it continues to be a reference point in the biofuels industry, thanks to its strong commitment to efficiency and innovation, focused on the continuous search for new fields of application and alternatives to improve the performance of its technology.
This journey has led Tomsa Destil to three priority scenarios as one of the leading companies in the alcohol industry.
Firstly, it offers one of the best technologies in the market to its international customers.
Secondly, it contributes significantly to the developmental boost and improvement of the alcohol sector and, last but not least, the company is part of the drive towards a better world through technological solutions that are more environmentally sustainable.
In this context, Tomsa Destil has successfully tied the sustainability of industrial processes to the improvement of results in the overall production chain.
This has been achieved by improving energy efficiency as well as prioritising the revalorisation of byproducts obtained from alcohol production, such as DDGS, CO2, biomass, concentrated and dehydrated stillage, among others.
This is not only an attractive approach for the industry, but it is also beneficial for the environment.
The world is in a period of uncertainty due to political, economic and social instability. Additionally, specifically in the alcohol sector framework, there are increasingly restrictive policies in the medium term regarding the use of traditional fuels and, consequently, biofuels for blending with gasoline. Nevertheless, the company looks upon this scenario as an opportunity for improvement and development, putting all its available resources in the tireless search for high-value solutions for the alcohol industry.
A major part of this initiative is evidenced by Tomsa’s strong technical force of highly-qualified engineers, biologists, chemists and pharmacists who lead multiple research and development projects at European and international level.
They are focused on finding valuable solutions for emerging concerns in the industry such as hydrogen production from ethanol or CO2. They are also involved in technologies that improve the obtaining of biochemicals such as second generation ethanol, methanol, SAF, lactic acid and oils, amongst others, during the alcohol production process.

For more information: To get more information about Tomsa Destil’s services and technology, contact the technical team at Tomsa Destil.

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