SJR Tank Construction, HBTT sign biofuel storage agreement

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SJR Tank Construction and HES International subsidiary HES Botlek Tank Terminal (HBTT) have announced a new partnership relating to the construction of biofuel storage tanks.

HBTT has contracted SJR Tank construction to build six high quality tanks to store biofuel. The agreement builds on an earlier contract signed in 2017, under which seven tanks with a combined capacity of 70,000 cubic metres (m3) were delivered to HBTT.

The new storage tanks will each have a capacity of 3,400 m3 and will measure 12m in diameter with a height of 30m.

Four tanks are currently under construction at the RDM site in Rotterdam, with the final two to follow after completion.

According to HES International, these six tanks will form part of a large investment in HBTT’s tank storage facilities, increasing the company’s total capacity to 510,000m3.

“Following the successful partnership in 2017, we have again gained the confidence of HBTT for this project,” said Robert Sloot, SJR Group owner. “We are able to complete the construction entirely off-site for this expansion as well. This reduces inconvenience at the terminal as far as possible and enables us to construct and deliver high-quality tanks in a safe way.”

“The previous contract in 2017 was delivered entirely within budget and according to schedule. This meant that it was a logical step for us to award the contract for our terminal’s new expansion to SJR. The tanks will be used for the storage of biofuels. We are looking forward to the arrival of these tanks in August 2019, which will increase our storage capacity to 510,000m3,” added HBTT general manager Charles Smissaert.