Sherdar Australia announces plans to develop renewable diesel facility

Sherdar Australia Bio Refinery has announced plans to develop a renewable diesel processing and storage facility in the country.
When fully operational, the facility aims to produce 500,000 tonnes per annum of renewable fuels with lower carbon emissions than conventional fossil fuels.
While the exact location has yet to be announced, the facility will cover more than 20 hectares and will be located close to adequate port infrastructure.
Sherdar is currently in the final stages of engineering governmental discussions and receiving relevant approvals for the project.
This project, estimated to cost $600 million (€530 million), will be looking to hire 120 people for plant operations.
The facility will adopt the Shell Renewable Refining Process that can input a wide range of animal fat, seed oil and waste greases as feedstock to produce high quality renewable fuels.
This advanced technology can process 100% biofeeds into profitable renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel with Shell's hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) technology.
Amon Aslanov, CEO of Transasia Minerals Ltd,one of the main project lead drivers, said: "We are eager to get this project started as this will be a huge opportunity for us to establish a hub in Australia for export of renewable diesel to other parts of the world.
“The benefits of renewable diesel are clear - it is the cleaner and higher performing alternative to petroleum diesel - and this affirms our sustainability commitment to produce renewable fuels with lesser impact to the environment, with Australia as our preferred site location. With the support of the government, we also hope to contribute job opportunities to the local workforce."


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