Shell Aviation, World Energy to increase supply of sustainable aviation fuel

Shell Aviation has teamed up with World Energy to develop a scalable supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), some of which will be provided to Lufthansa Group at San Francisco Airport in the US.

The supply of SAF to Lufthansa at San Francisco has already been initiated, with the cleaner fuel expected to reduce the airline’s carbon emissions on intercontinental flights on three routes, operated by Deutsche Lufthansa and Swiss International Air Lines from San Francisco to Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich.

The latest deal represents one of the world’s most significant SAF supply contracts to date, with up to one million gallons of sustainable fuel to be supplied to Lufthansa over the duration. It is the largest contracted volume of SAF to be delivered to San Francisco Airport since the airport announced plans to expand the use of SAF in its operations in 2019.

“Alongside new technologies and high-quality carbon credits, sustainable aviation fuel - at scale - has a significant role to play in reducing carbon emissions for the aviation industry,” said Anna Mascolo, vice-president of Shell Aviation. “As well as bringing together the right mix of technical expertise and operational capability, commitments like this one provide a strong example and assurance to the industry that it is possible to fly and emit less.”

Gene Gebolys, CEO of World Energy, added: “We are thrilled to be working with Shell to advance their ability to empower industry leaders, like Lufthansa, to take action toward reducing their sector’s carbon footprint. The shift to low-carbon fuels will not happen in a day and won’t be done alone, but today we are taking one more important step on a long journey together. We are committed to making low-carbon fuels readily available to those who choose to act now and to lead the transition to a cleaner energy future.”

Thorsten Luft, vice-president of Deutsche Lufthansa, commented: “The Lufthansa Group takes its responsibility for the environment very seriously and has already taken many initiatives to reduce the CO2 emissions of its aircraft. We have a long history of testing and supporting the development of sustainable aviation fuel and are proud to be introducing it to our daily operations at San Francisco. This is just one of many initiatives to provide our passengers with lower carbon travel when they choose to fly.”

World Energy produces SAF at its refinery in Paramount in the US state of California, from agricultural waste fats and oils.