SCB Brokers the latest to join National Biodiesel Board

SCB Brokers, the ‘world’s largest’ biofuel brokerage group of companies, has become the newest member of the National Biodiesel Board (NBB).

With a significant advocacy presence in Washington, SCB brings over a decade of experience in the biofuel industry to the NBB.

“We are excited to have SCB join NBB’s membership to help advance the biodiesel industry,” said Brad Shimmens, Director of Operations and Membership.

“SCB has sponsored the National Biodiesel Conference in the past, and we are pleased that they see the value NBB brings to the industry and that they are expanding that partnership into becoming a member.  We look forward to working closely together to promote America’s Advanced Biofuel from coast to coast.”

The brokerage firm strives to boost price transparency and lower trading costs as a means of promoting the use of low carbon fuel and practices.

“We have established successful partnerships in the biodiesel sector for over 10 years,” said Kevin McGeeney, CEO of SCB Brokers. “We are keen to promote the industry and the work of NBB, and we feel we have much to contribute in terms of ideas, knowledge, and experience.”


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