SAF market on an upward trajectory

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What if someone said that Oscar the Grouch, Sesame Street's lovable curmudgeon, has something to teach us about sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)? While Oscar may be more concerned with rubbish than jet fuel, his recent role as United Airlines' “Chief Trash Officer” highlights an essential truth - local waste can be a global treasure.
Climate change is a pressing global challenge and aviation is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.
The path to sustainable aviation is filled with obstacles, including feedstock availability, technological hurdles and evolving regulations that often lag behind innovation.
To tackle these challenges effectively, a three-pronged approach is essential. First, localised logistic systems are crucial for converting scattered biomass waste into viable feedstock. Second, technological innovations are needed to enable feedstock flexibility in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production. Finally, global coordination is vital, involving not just airlines and airports, but also feedstock providers, tech innovators, governments, and consumers to build a resilient SAF value chain.
The Growing SAF market and...

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