Rolls-Royce UltraFan demonstrator powered by SAF ready for testing

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Rolls-Royce has finished building its UltraFan demonstrator engine that will help improve aircraft fuel efficiency by up to 10% while running on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
The motor boasts a 12ft (fan system, the largest in the world, and it has now been moved from the workshop and into Testbed 80 - a £90 million (€102 million) facility in Derby, UK.
The British company now hopes to perform its first test early next year, which could lead to the application of the technology in its current family of Trent engines.
Chris Cholerton, president of Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace, said: “Seeing the UltraFan demonstrator come together and getting ready for test in Testbed 80 is a great way to end the year.
“We have all been waiting for this moment, which is such an important milestone for the programme and for the team who have worked on it.
“The next stage will be to see UltraFan run for the first time on 100 per cent Sustainable Aviation Fuel in 2023, proving the technology is ready to support more sustainable flight in the future.”
The UltraFan has cost over £500 million (€571 million)  to complete and it It boasts carbon composite fan blades with a titanium sheath to help protect them from object damage and bird strikes.
It also has a new power gearbox, lean burn combustor and Advance3 core architecture, helping to provide a very high propulsion efficiency.
The UltraFan has delivered 64 MW of power in tests, which is a record in the aerospace industry. Once scaled up, it will be capable of a thrust range between 25,000 lbs (11,000 kg) and over 100,000 lbs (45,000 kg).

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