Repsol supplies Atlas Air with SAF

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Repsol has started supplying sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to Atlas Air for use in all its flights with its customer Inditex from Zaragoza Airport, Spain.
Atlas Air is incorporating 5% SAF into all its flights.
“With this agreement, we take another step in the decarbonisation of aviation. We show that SAF is the future, but also the present. With the upcoming launch of our new advanced biofuels plant in Cartagena (Spain), we are ready to supply the sector with the SAF it needs to realize its decarbonisation ambitions,” said Óliver Fernández, director of international aviation, Repsol.
Atlas Air, based in New York, is the first cargo airline to use SAF regularly on its cargo flights in Spain.
The initiative is in line with the commitment of the three companies to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve the compliance measures included in the ReFuelEU Aviation regulations that require use of 2% renewable fuels in 2025, 6% in 2030 and 70% in 2050.
“We are committed to contributing to the sustainability of the aviation sector and appreciate this opportunity to work with our valued partners at Inditex and Repsol,” said Michael Steen, CEO, Atlas Air Worldwide. “It is critical for our sector to work together in driving wider adoption and availability of SAF, which ultimately will have a positive impact on our industry and the environment.”

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