REG accelerates its move towards cleaner energy

Carbon reduction cannot wait – this is a statement that Renewable Energy Group (REG) has always lived by.
The world is facing many carbon reduction scenarios right now, and two of these options are to wait until technology comes to fruition, or take advantage of the technology that is available today.
While REG supports all initiatives to reduce carbon, it recognises that significantly reducing emissions today pays dividends long into the future. REG feels strongly that it is at the right place at the right time to grow global use of lower-carbon fuels with the goal of carbon reduction now.
REG is a global producer of renewable fuels, including biodiesel and renewable diesel (HVO), with locations across North America and Europe.
The company’s roots go back to 1995, when a small farmer’s cooperative in the Midwestern US needed a use for their excess soybean oil. The cooperative invested in soybean oil refinement and later began biodiesel production. In 2006, the biodiesel unit of the cooperative formed what is now REG. Since that time, the business has seen impressive growth.
Business success
Today, REG operates...

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