PKN ORLEN aims to be emissions-neutral by 2050

One of its production facilities
One of its production facilities
PKN ORLEN is the first oil company in central Europe to declare an aspiration towards achieving emission neutrality by 2050.
In order to reach this goal by 2030 the company will reduce CO2 emissions from its current refining and petrochemical assets by 20% and emissions from power generation by 33% CO2/MWh.
It will invest in projects that will facilitate mitigation of its environmental impacts and opening up to new business models by 2030.
Daniel Obajtek, CEO of PKN ORLEN, said: “The carbon-neutral strategy we have presented is a landmark defining our approach to doing business in the coming decades. The global energy transformation that is taking place before our eyes is a huge development opportunity for Central Europe. As the largest company in the region, we want to increase our involvement in this process and we are well positioned to do it.”
Within the next 10 years, the company will implement more than 60 projects to increase the energy efficiency of its existing refining and petrochemical assets. The new downstream projects will use the best and most emission-efficient technologies.
PKN ORLEN also intends to strengthen its position as a regional leader in biofuels by implementing five significant investment projects related to biofuels including HVO, co-HVO, UCOME, lignocellulosic bioethanol and biomethane.
The focus of the company’s efforts designed to build new business areas will be on the development of low- and zero-emission energy generation sources, including both offshore and onshore wind power as well as solar photovoltaics.
One of its production facilities