ORLEN to build oilseed processing plant for biofuels

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Polish energy company ORLEN has signed a contract for the construction of an oilseed processing plant in Kętrzyn.
The plant is set to process 500,000 tonnes of rapeseed annually, yielding a production output of 200,000 of oil to manufacture low-carbon biofuels.
In 2022, Poland’s rapeseed crop yielded a total of 3.6 million tonnes.
Daniel Obajtek, CEO and president of ORLEN’s management board, said: “We have an ambitious strategy to advance our biofuel production capabilities, a commitment that underscores the ORLEN Group’s aspiration to emerge as a dominant force in the regional biofuel sector.
“To further this vision, we are actively investing in our refineries in Trzebinia, Jedlicze, Płock and Gdańsk.
“The most recent project will involve the establishment of our own rapeseed oil pressing plant in Kętrzyn.
“With an annual processing capacity of 500,000 tonnes of rapeseed, this facility is expected to utilise a substantial portion, approximately one-seventh, of the total domestic output of the crop.
“In our pursuit of business objectives, the ORLEN Group is dedicated to creating a conducive environment for sustained collaboration with Polish farmers, guaranteeing them a reliable outlet for the cultivated products.”
The facility’s construction is planned to start in the first half of 2024, with completion expected by mid-2026.

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