On the cusp of a New Energy Revolution

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For many years the concept of decarbonisation for any industrial process to produce their desired product without the need to emit carbon seemed alien. In fact, when people stop and think and move past the well-trodden words of net zero, carbon neutrality or even carbon negative, which from the cynical mind have become cliché, it is still hard to believe firms can manufacture the same product, or even new products, without having to use traditional sources of hydrocarbon.
Where it is in fossil form such as coal or natural gas, or using alternative carbon sources to convert water into steam, companies have become reliant on what is finite.
The new energy revolution will significantly reduce carbon emission and this change will affect the way companies and the general public look at consumption, waste and sustainability.

Energy reduction goals

When energy transition is successfully delivered, we create independence from fossil hydrocarbons. In the new energy strategy, renewables and energy efficient technologies take centre stage. Within the ethanol industry, firms are beginning to see the signs of such independence...

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