North American biodiesel boost

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Do not get carried away by your own success when things are going well and do not get too despondent when the tide turns against you.
This appears to be the approach to business planning and development, which have stood the North American biodiesel industry in good stead in recent years and best describes the mood of cautious optimism currently flowing through the sector.
Despite the potential slowing of some expansion plans, due to rising interest rates and the pressure this is adding to project funding, the message from Clean Fuels Alliance America is that at least one billion gallons of new biodiesel output is already in development.
More to the point, this is an expansionary initiative, which has already moved beyond the reaches of the most recent interest rate hikes.
“Our industry grows at a pretty steady and sustainable rate,” said Paul Winters, director of public affairs and federal communications for Clean Fuels Alliance America, adding that there does not seem to be any other way to do it.

Tax incentives

His comment followed a request by Biofuels International for some context to be given...

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