New report charts a future with bioLPG

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A Liquid Gas UK (LGUK) report has outlined the route to decarbonising non-domestic off-grid businesses using bioLPG.
The report found that LPG and bioLPG have the potential to replace one third of all the coal and oil currently used to heat non-domestic buildings as well as for industrial processing, saving 3.5million tones of CO2 - equivalent of taking over 240,000 cars off the road.
George Webb, CEO, Liquid Gas UK, said: “It is clear that the UK will need to tackle industrial and commercial emissions to meet net-zero in time for 2050. The Government should ensure that all fuel switching opportunities are taken by developing policy that recognises the range of low-carbon technologies that will be needed.”
The report by the trade association for the LPG industry in the UK highlighted how there were an estimated 62,000 non-domestic buildings off the gas grid that are being heated by oil, coal or LPG.
These fuels are used across industries such as commercial, agricultural and industry and are also used across a variety of applications including industrial processing, food and drink production and crop drying.
Nearly two-thirds of all...

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